Time traveller games. Make your Own Collection, Salariya (UK), 2017

La Sirenita, by Hans Christian Andersen, Anaya (Spain) 2017

Llegaron con el viento, by Laura Santullo, Ed Progreso, Edelvives (México) 2016 

Inmundicia e roñoso, by Ledicia Costas, Ed. Edelvives (Spain), 2015 

Un dia a l'escola, Ed. Crüilla, SM group, (Spain), 2015   

O recendo das clementinas by An Alfaya, Ed Edelvives (Spain), 2013

El año de los secretos by Laura Santullo, Ed. Edelvives (Spain), 2013

Perdido en la ciudad by Manuel L. Alonso, Ed Anaya (Spain), 2013

Aún te quedan ratones por cazar by Blanca Álvarez, Ed Anaya (Spain), 2012

Xalur by Armando Rivera, Letra Negra Editores (Guatemala) 2011

Navidad de piratas by Carlo Prato, Letra Negra Editores (Guatemala) 2011

Os muiños de Goiáns, educational book published by the regional government (Spain), 2010


 Primary School books and class materials:

Macmillan: ByMe project for bilingual education, spreads and vignette, 2017 and 2018

Bromera: Language teching book spreads, 2018

Castellnou: Illustrations for Language teaching, 2018

Edelvives: Illustrations for school books, 2017, class spreads, 2018

Oxford University Press: School textbooks Oxford Big Bright Ideas, Big Questions, Oxford Thinkers, 2016-2017

Santillana: Class posters, 2015. Class Sheets, , 2016

Anaya and Vaughan Systems: illustrations for a "Picture Dictionary", 2014. Working sheets, 2015.